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Elder abuse is much more common than our society has traditionally admitted. Much of the problem has been hidden, undefined and under reported. While elder abuse is not a new problem, our society is increasingly recognising and describing ‘elder abuse’ as a range of situations involving the maltreatment or neglect of older people by people they should be able to trust, such as family and friends.

The Victorian Government is acting to overcome elder abuse by working with service providers, professionals and the community through the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Initiative. This online training has been initiated to assist in building the capacity of the Victorian workforce to identify and respond to elder abuse and is based on the Victorian government’s practice guide, With respect to age 2009.

Objectives of the training

At the conclusion of this training, you should be able to:

  • recognise and define types of elder abuse
  • identify risk factors for elder abuse
  • understand the empowerment model
  • recognise that elder abuse situations are often complex
  • understand your duty of care as worker
  • contribute to building the capacity of your organisation to effectively respond to elder abuse.

The course will take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and is free of charge. It includes a range of case studies, some in video format to illustrate these concepts and there is a short assessment at the end. Participants are required to register for the course and will be issued with a certificate upon successful completion of the course and assessment.

This course is targeted at anyone working with older people.

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